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MZ SKIN (Exclusive)

MZ Skin Lightmax Supercharged Led Mask 2.0

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Cleanse And Exfoliate Skin To Remove Any Traces Of Skincare. Place Mz Led Mask On The Face, Secure With The Two Velcro Straps Connect The Mz Led Mask To The Controller. Select The Treatment Mode You Require. Switch On The Controller By Pressing And Holding The Treatment Selector On/Off Button. The Device Will Switch On. The Device Switches Off After Ten-Minutes. You May Stop The Treatment At Any Time By Pressing The On/Off Button On The Controller. Remove The Mask, Apply Your Normal Skincare. Clean The Mask And Ensure That The Device Is Not Being Charged When Cleaning. Clean Using A Water-Based Wipe Or Damp, Clean Cloth. Stubborn Stains Can Be Removed By Wiping Gently With 70% Alcohol. For Best Results Follow The Recommended Treatment Schedule On The Next Page. Use For Just 10 Minutes A Day, 3-5 Days A Week For 4 Weeks For Visible Results. Anti-Ageing For The Treatment Of Full Face Wrinkles The Best Results Are Seen After Treating For 3-5 Days A Week For A Minimum Of 4 Weeks. Acne For The Treatment Of Acne Vulgaris The Best Results Are Seen After Treating For 4 Days A Week For 6 Weeks. Skin Conditioning Maintenance Treatment Should Be Carried Out As Required, According To Lifestyle And Skin Condition. Fully Charge The Mask The Led 2.0 Uses A Controller Which Contains A Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery. To Charge The Mz Led Mask Insert The Usb-C Cable Into The Controller, Insert The Power Supply Into A Suitable Electrical Outlet And Switch On. The 3 Leds In The Controller Will Start To Flash To Indicate Charging. The Mz Led Mask Battery Is Fully Charged When The Three Indicator Leds On The Controller Stay Illuminated. Mask Set Up The Led 2.0 Comes With Adjustable Velcro Straps That Connect Behind The Head And Allow You To Comfortably Wear The Mask. To Fit The Mask, Thread The Straps Through The Inlet Holes On Either Side Of The Mask. Loop The Straps Around Your Head And Secure Firmly. Adjust If Necessary.
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