Adidas Hazy Beige Shoes

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Leather upper, Textile lining, OrthoLite sockliner, Rubber outsole

For Sneakers Step One Remove Excess Dirt By Knocking The Soles Together And Use A Soft Brush, Like A Toothbrush, To Scrub Off Any Remaining Dirt. Step 2 Use A Washcloth To Gently Wipe Away Stains With A Mild, Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent Mixed With Lukewarm Water Mild Detergent Typically Doesn’t Cause Yellow Discoloration From Toxins. Step Three Dip The Washcloth In Warm Water And Remove Excess Soap And Suds. If Necessary, Use A Soft Bristle Toothbrush Dipped In Water To Clean White Outsoles Or Boost Material On The Edge Of Your Shoe’S Sole. Step Four Dry At Room Temperature And, If You’Ve Got Leather Sneakers Like Superstars, Apply A Small Amount Of Leather Shoe Conditioner Or Treatment. Step Five Remove Laces And Insoles If Possible. Place Them In A Pillowcase And Run It Through A Washing Machine Set To Cold Or Delicate With Laundry Detergent. As A Bonus, Washing Insoles Can Help Eliminate Bad Odors. For Canvas Step One Take An Old Toothbrush And Start Scrubbing To Get Rid Of All That Extra Dirt And Mud. Step Two Fill A Bucket Or Bowl With Warm Water And Liquid Detergent Or Dish Soap. Next, Dip The Tooth Brush And Continue Scrubbing Areas That Need Attention. Step Three Once They’Ve Been Thoroughly Cleaned, Rinse Your Shoes In Warm, Clean Water. Soak Up Excess Water With An Old Towel. Step Four Help Them Keep Their Shape By Stuffing Your Canvas Kicks With Paper Towels Or Dry Washcloths. Then Let Them Air Dry Indoors In A Warm Spot. Note: Direct Sunlight Or Direct Heat Will Warp Your Shoes Or Discolor Them. Step Five

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