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At Galeries Lafayette Doha, our aim is not only to offer you an unforgettable shopping experience, but also a fabulous culinary one. That’s why, we’ve gone above and beyond to find the best delights to pamper your senses. We don’t want to stop merely at uniqueness. We’ll go for extra ordinary.Our Food & Beverages outlets have been created to cater to diverse customers like you, varying from international cuisine to more local one, but always inspiring. A blend of French and Russian. A more Mediterranean brasserie built around the fire. An artisan French chocolatier. An oriental twist to relax and indulge yourself in a garden where to also smoke shisha. This is all you will need to complement your finest and unique French fashion experience in Doha.


Café Pouchkine

Restaurant, tea-room, and patisserie – Café Pouchkine has been a veritable institution in Moscow since 1999. It is a spot appreciated like a museum and savored like a fine pastry!

Andrey Dellos, its Franco-Russian proprietor, has always dreamed of setting Up shop in Paris. But he had to wait long years before finding the ideal spot at 16, place de la Madeleine.

An antiques collector and enlightened interior designer, Andrey Dellos has paid great attention to even the tiniest details of his palace, with elements inspired by the cultural eclecticism of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. In his quest for authenticity, he has sought out the best Moscow craftsmen – painters, decorative plasterers, marble-workers, and cabinet-makers. In a spirit of affordable luxury, the menu celebrates the flavors, the marriage of cultures, and the originality of Russian and French cuisine. All the products have been meticulously selected like the breads from Frédéric Lalos, “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”. Priority has been given to organic or traditional farm sources, like the fresh eggs delivered several times a week by the farm Mont Saint Père at Savigny-sur-Braye, and the beef from the Aubrac. Whether you choose one of our snack offers – from surprising club sandwiches to the timeless steak tartar, via our delicious Blini – or you prefer to lunch “à la carte” on a tuna tartare, or a beef Stroganoff, you’ll be taking your taste buds on an international voyage of discovery!


At Wahaj, our chefs are determined to capture every guest’s imagination. That is why we offer everyone who walks through our doors only the very best in traditional Mediterranean dishes.

With a unique blend of elegance and sophistication, Wahaj Mediterranean Brasserie offers a casual dining restaurant in the heart of 21 High st. At Wahaj, our chefs are determined to capture every guest’s imagination. That is why we offer everyone who walks through our doors only the very best in traditional Mediterranean dishes.

Wahaj truly takes pride in refining, crafting and serving timeless foods inspired from the warm shores of the Mediterranean. Our desire is to give our guests an inimitable experience.

Wahaj chefs crafted a unique Mediterranean food experience. Whatever comes from our kitchen or off our grill, whether marinated, seasoned, braised, or skewered, is made with great care for you to enjoy your moment at Wahaj.

Ali Bin Ali Hospitality and DUCASSE Conseil optimized their creative skills to develop this unique culinary experience. Working on the concept for almost a year, the team created some distinctive flavours using French techniques and special spices. The team’s attention to fine details and presentation led to the creation of a true gastronomic gem.

974 Delights

Close your eyes and imagine the Chocolaterie and Patisserie of your dreams. Allow your taste buds to welcome pure deliciousness, in shapes and forms you have never tasted before. Let your thoughts wrap around the timeless flavours of decadent, French inspired chocolate and handmade pastries crafted into a delightful array of presentations.

Release your thoughts to wander even further, inviting you into an entire world of unique combinations that draw you in and tempt you to explore. Capture the feeling of experiencing familiar flavours in an entirely new way. Think about a place of contrasts, where Ice cream is crunchy and hot, where crepes come in shapes and colours you have never thought of before. Where families gather to revel in laughter, where friends meet to celebrate life and Joie de vivre is a part of everything you will experience.

974 Delights is that place.

Especially curated for you, Ali Bin Ali Hospitality – in collaboration with DUCASSE Conseil – developed the concept, decor and menu for the café. The team shared their knowledge and expertise and took special care to create this delight for all your senses.

Our tables are set and we are ready to welcome you!

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