FAQ - Galeries Lafayette



  • How can you manage your account?

    As a registered member of the GL Loyalty Programme you can view and manage your account as well as review and update your details at anytime. To do this, simply sign in using the same email address you registered with. You can also access your account using the GL Mobile application where you can immediately view a statement of your Rewards points on your rewards page

  • How soon will your Rewards points be registered?

    Just give us between 24 and 48 hours after your purchase, and we will ensure that your Rewards points will be registered on to our system

  • How much are your Rewards points worth?

    Every QR1 spend earns you 1 Rewards point. Eg: If you spend QR 100 at GL, you will earn 100 points. Excitingly, the more points you earn, the higher you rise through membership levels, giving you unparalleled access to increasing amounts of privileges and perks.
    The redemption scheme of your loyalty programme will be as the following:
    Tier 1: For every 10,000 points accumulated- you will be eligible for a deduction of QR 150 on your next Galeries Lafayette Doha purchase
    Tier 2: For every 10,000 points accumulated- you will be eligible for a deduction of QR 250 on your next Galeries Lafayette Doha purchase

  • Can you redeem your points at any time?

    Yes, the Rewards points you have earned are yours to enjoy and redeem at any given point over the course of one full calendar year from the date of registering.

  • How can you keep track of how many points you have earned?

    When preferential advantages, offers and services await you, it is important for you to keep track of your Rewards points. You can simply log in to our GL Website, go to your Rewards Page by adding your email address to log in to be able to check your statement anytime from anywhere.

  • How long will your points last?

    Your Rewards points have a validity of one full calendar year from the date of registering. Any remaining points balance will expire and will not be transferrable.

  • What should you do if you lose your Rewards card?

    If ever you lose your Rewards Card, GL will be happy to replace it for you. You can request a replacement card by signing in to your online account or by contacting our Customer Loyalty team who will be happy to help.

  • Who should you notify if your address changes?

    GL has ensured that you can update your personal details by signing in to your online account at any time. You can click ‘Change Personal Details’ and make the necessary adjustments or you can contact our Customer Loyalty team who will assist you with updating your information.

  • What if you decide to leave the programme?

    While we will be extremely sorry to lose you, we want you to know that you can deactivate your account by contacting our Customer Loyalty team at the store or you can email us at [email protected] and request the removal of your membership.

  • What if you forget your Rewards card when you are shopping?

    If you have forgotten to bring your card with you, simply share your phone number/ email address at the paying counter and your points will be added within 24 hours to your Rewards account.

  • What happens if you don’t spend enough in a year?

    Just in case your spending falls below the requirement for your existing level of membership, you will be moved to the level that corresponds to your current spending. However, the moment your spending rises you will be upgraded again to the relevant level.

  • How many tiers does the programme have?

    Because we believe that your rewards must match your purchases, the GL Loyalty Programme has 3 Tiers:
    Tier 1: No minimal transaction
    Tier 2: After qualifying a certain amount
    Tier 3: Upon exclusive invitation

    The tier level you reach and hold will depend on how much you spend over a period of 12 months. The higher your spending, the greater the rewards, benefits, privileges and perks you can enjoy.

  • How long do you have to wait to be upgraded?

    Your upgrades happen within 48 hours. As soon as you qualify for a higher level of membership we will inform you in writing or by email and waste no time in moving you up to the next tier. All we need is for you to have accurate, up to date contact details on your account. The moment you go up a tier or two and you receive confirmation of your membership level you are entitled to enjoy all the benefits your upgrade brings.

  • Can you earn points on all your purchases?

    Yes, you can earn points on all qualifying purchases. All purchases made at GL Doha are deemed as qualifying purchases, unless and otherwise GL adds an exception on certain products and services which include Gift cards, GL Services and F&B outlets. These exceptions will be noticeably denoted so that our customers are clear about every qualifying purchase. GL reserves the right to amend or add to these exclusions at any time at its discretion.